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Tags: Chinese medicine extract Proceedings 3 Chen Xigang aspartic? Shen Nong's herbal taste bitter, flat. Lord of the storm wet partial Bi, strong bone marrow, kill three insects, go to the body. Long wear, light, Qi, yan. Ye Tianshi: rheumatism. To violence. A belong to the fire. Bone and kidney. Kidney belongs to water. Qi Ping Yi lung. Pulmonary water. Therefore, the bone marrow is strong. Three worm. Are hot and humid. Bitter taste can dampness. Qi Ping can heat. By the heat and humidity. Three insects are also the dead body to the. Long serving lung. Lung qi and qi. Therefore qi. Air is light. Gas cure sickness. Gas is not hungry or full. Zou Shu: what shall be the root of asparagus into the soup can be Wan silk to make white also, husband of the nature of non white, Wan may not be white. The white and Wurong Wan. Cover only the white, or and rough, or contaminated with dirt, Party of Wan complex its initial, the body white, lung, muscle, bone, stomach, bladder, where the heat dampness and stained for disease, salty asparagus Huan. In the lung Yinju of socalled Baoding lung qi, in the muscle and bone the by the socalled storm wet numbness on one side, not the socalled keeps the skin to cold and heat also, in the intestines and stomach, is the socalled kill three worms to fell dead, in the bladder is Yinju of socalled diuresis, in the medullary the socalled strong bone marrow, ran between the number of persons out words have meaning. Yue Yue Yue Yue Yue Yue, the word of the disease is also the word of the disease, said Qiang Yue, Baoding, raised, it is not the same view with the exception of the disease. Husband strong cloud, can gain the strong; Baoding cloud, only the consumption; owners of cloud, eutrophic, not so promising, cover ASP object, quality soft, nourishing greasy. However, and kidney for the most appropriate, so in the marrow of the best effect, lung for the proud dirty, hi moist and evil warm dryness, second, Gu is in addition to the disease. That the reinforcing agent, appropriate consideration. Huang Yuanyu: bitter, cold gas, with Taiyin lung, kidney meridian. Clear the water, thirst Sheng Jin, eliminate sore throat, cough spit pus removal. Aquatic to gold, gold is aquatic, to clear the lung, kidney water, clear gold and water, asparagus is also. Mediocre workers to Rehmannia blood, nourishing kidney and water, not very! Cover the main pulmonary gas, gas and water, in the lung of the gas, such as dense fog, mist and water for cleaning. The sperm is stored in the kidney and is fine, and it is a waste of urine in the bladder. The summer day clothing is thick, open and leakage, cold clothing thin, table and injection, a sweat urine, different internal and external ear. And water gold lung will due to soil dryness, Yang Geng Jin, air dry our right, convergence e soil wet for dry, right stomach qi, Lung Qi descending, and the water of Yan. As the cool autumn night dew change order, zero. The soil wet stagnation in the stomach drop inverse, lung Jinmo, fog condensate plug, with steam and sputum, the vast water. Zhang Xichun: ASP: sweet and slightly acrid, cool, thick fluid lubrication. The color yellow and white, can into the lung to clear heat, so the benefits of sputum ningsou; into the stomach to eliminate excess heat, so good thirst. Tianjin slip of pus, blood circulation, Tom Lee two, although the Yin accessible main and collateral channels, products, and real benefit to the gas. that Shennong bencaojing ASP main storm wet partial Bi text

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